Watch Today’s iPhone 6S Release Live Online

iphone 6s release live stream

iPhone 6S Release Live Stream.

September 9 is here folks! Today is a big day for all Apple fans. The 2015 iPhone will be presented by the Cupertino-based technology giant, during an exclusive event hosted at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, in San Francisco. iPhone 6S is the most probable name of the 9th iPhone generation, expected to come with its already famous sibling the 6S Plus.

Tune in today at 1pm Eastern and watch the release live online, via Apple’s official live streaming service. You only need a stable Internet connection and an Apple device, to be able to play the free live feed. Surprisingly, or not, Apple has decided to grant access, for Windows users too. However, you need to run the latest edition, Windows 10 on your computer in order to be able to play the feed.

iPhone 6S Release Live Stream Start
Below you can find a list with the start time of today’s keynote for various timezones around the globe:

Time Region
1pm EDT Eastern U.S.
10am PDT Pacific U.S.
6pm GMT+1 United Kingdom
19:00 Central Europe
3am GMT+10 Australia
2am GMT+9 Japan
1am GMT+8 China

iPhone 6S Release Live Stream
When time comes play the Apple feed by opening the link available nearby! If you don’t own an Apple device, nor a Windows 10 computer you can stay around and check our live text & media commentary for this event!

Update: Event has ended. Read here a detailed review about what happened!