Download The 6 Exclusive iPhone X Wallpapers To Any Smartphone

iphone x exclusive live wallpapers

iPhone X exclusive Live wallpapers.

Apple has made a habit of creating an exclusive set of wallpapers for every new iPhone lineup. This is done for marketing purposes, to highlight the new models in comercials. Considering that this year, the iPhone X premiered with an edge-to-edge OLED display, the stock background images chosen by the Cupertino-based tech company are truly spectacular. However, if you haven’t upgraded to the 10th anniversary iPhone yet because of the supply shortage or because you’re not eligible for an upgrade yet and aren’t ready to fork out over $1000 for the handset, you can join the trend and update your current smartphone with the iPhone X Live wallpapers.

All that you have to do is download one of the iPhone X wallpapers from the links provided below. Tap the desired thumbnail and open the fullscreen background image. Touch and hold the display to bring up the Save Image option. Use it to download the wallpaper to the Photos app. Then, open Photos and browse to the recently saved image. Tap to open it and hit the Share icon, available at the bottom of the screen. Select the ‘Use as Wallpaper’ option. Scale the image and set it as a Home and/or Lock screen background!

Grab The iPhone X Exclusive Wallpapers
Pick one of the 6 exclusive backgrounds known as Live iPhone X wallpapers. Notice that the first three are the ones used the most promotional purposes. They’re even available on the iPhone X packaging boxes:

iphone x wallpaper 1

iPhone X wallpaper 1. (Download)

iphone x wallpaper 2

iPhone X wallpaper 2. (Download)

iphone x wallpaper 3

iPhone X wallpaper 3. Download

iphone x wallpaper 4

iPhone X wallpaper 4. Download

iphone x wallpaper 5

iPhone X wallpaper 5. Download

iphone x wallpaper 6

iPhone X wallpaper 6. Download

Tip: The Live iPhone X wallpapers are included in the upcoming iOS 11.2 software update. However, in the current beta stages they seem to show up only for owners of one of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 lineups. If you want to grab these exclusive wallpapers on an older iPhone model you still have to use the trick provided in this article!

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