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iphone x exclusive live wallpapers

Download The 6 Exclusive iPhone X Wallpapers To Any Smartphone

Apple has made a habit of creating an exclusive set of wallpapers for every new iPhone lineup. This is done for marketing purposes, to highlight the new models in comercials. Considering that this year, the iPhone X premiered with an edge-to-edge OLED display, the stock background images chosen by the Cupertino-based tech company are truly…

locked iphone x hidding message notifications

How To Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X

Thanks to the revolutionary Face ID authentication system the iPhone X is set by default to only show the previews of incoming notifications when it successfully detects your face. This is a great privacy enhancement available in the 10th anniversary iPhone, preventing individuals, in your proximity, from taking a sneak peek at your incoming texts….

ios 11 hidden notification previews

How To Hide Notification Previews And Increase The Privacy On Your iPhone In iOS 11

The iOS Notification Previews feature for apps is probably the biggest privacy flaw currently found on your iPhone and iPad. It’s a leak channel that not even the 6-digit Passcode, Touch ID or the revolutionary Face ID can protect. If you care about the privacy of your conversations and other app data, you surly noticed…

preview screenshot thumbnail in iOS 11

In iOS 11 Screenshots Can Be Instantly Previewed And Edited Before Saving

Among the myriad of changes and new features embedded in iOS 11 we’ve also found the enhanced Screenshot function. The 11th iPhone and iPad Operating System generation allows users to instantly preview, edit and share a print-screen that has just been captured. The frame shrinks-in toward the bottom-left corner of the screen and hovers in…

hidden iphone iMessage preview

How To Disable The iPhone’s New Message Preview Feature

iOS devices are factory configured with a default setting that displays a preview of your new incoming Messages, on your iPhone’s lock screen, when the device is locked and within banner alerts, when you’re actively using the smartphone. In most cases this feature is welcomed, because you can figure out what the text message is…