HomePod Temperature Sensor Not Working? Calibrating? Not Responding? (Fix!)

HomePod Temperature Sensor not working

HomePod Temperature Sensor Not Working

HomePod sensors not working? Getting This Accessory is not responding error? Temperature and humidity sensors stuck on Calibrating, when you try to find out the readings in the Home app? You’re not alone!

HomePod Sensors Not Working?

homepod this accessory is not responding error

HomePod This Accessory is not responding error

Since the release of iOS 16.3 RC and HomePod 16.3 RC many users have updated their Apple devices to be able to get realtime temperature and humidity info from their indoor location!

However, a series of readers are complaining about not being able to make the HomePod mini sensors work. Austin reports:

“I’ve updated all software as required and been patient for my HomePod mini sensor to calibrate, but it’s still not working I can’t get any temperature or humidity data! Pls help!”

His not the only one facing HomePod temperature sensor problems. We’ve seen several threads on Reddit about the same issue:

“I cannot get the sensor info to show in the Home app. I’ve reset the HomePod Mini, Restarted the phone, nada.”


“I’m in the same boat. I’ve done everything too. HomePod Mini is 16.3, iPhone 14 Pro is 16.3 and nothing.”


“I have all 3 of mine in different rooms around the house. the 1 I actually want doesn’t showcase the temp but the ones in the bathroom do.”

Important: Before you start troubleshooting please make sure that your hardware meets all the requirements. We’ve already covered them over here.

How To Fix HomePod Temperature Sensor Not Working

If your devices meet all requirements and all the basic fixed mentioned above won’t help here is what to do:

1. ReAdd HomePod

remove homepod to fix sensors not working
First, try to remove the HomePod that’s not showing temperature and humidity and add it back to see if it helps:

  • 1. Open Home app and tap on the problematic HomePod mini.
  • 2. Scroll all the way down and tap Reset HomePod.
  • 3. Go for Remove Accessory.
  • 4. Reboot iPhone or iPad and unplug HomePod from its power source.
  • 5. After iPhone boots, connect HomePod mini to power and re-add it to your Home.
  • Tip: Be patient and allow the sensors time to calibrate. It can take from 30-minutes to several hours. If temperature and humidity are still not shown proceed to the next step.

2. Reconfigure Home

remove home to fix homepod mini sensors
If the problem persists and your Home doesn’t have too many accessories you should try to remove and reconfigure everything from scratch.

This can be time consuming but silvertristan confirms that it worked for him:

  • 1. Open Home app and tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  • 2. Go for Home Settings.
  • 3. Scroll all the way down to Remove Home.
  • 4. Unplug HomePod mini from its power source, wait a couple of seconds and plug it back in.
  • 5. Reconfigure your Home.

3. Be Patient

homepod sensors calibrating
Last but not least, don’t forget that although you’ve installed a Release Candidate version on your device, it’s still a beta and not the public version.

Some users have reported that they left the HomePod sensors calibrating over night and temperature and humidity values started showing the next day. Let us know if you experience the same.

Have you managed to fix HomePod sensor calibrating or HomePod This Accessory is not responding errors? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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