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homepod setup failed 7003 error

HomePod Setup Failed 7003 Error Showing Up In A Loop? (Fix!)

Getting the HomePod setup failed 7003 error while trying to configure Apple’s smart speaker? The Mini requires an update because Advanced Data Protection is enabled but the device is unable to complete the update and can’t be set up?…

homepod 17.1.1 update

HomePod 17.1.1 Update: Issues, Bug Fixes, Security & More

HomePod 17.1.1 update with build number 21K82 is available for the original HomePod and the mini Series! It’s a bug fixing release that solves an issue that could cause the speakers to respond slowly or fail to respond at all!…

HomePod 16.3 update

HomePod 16.3 Issues, Problems, Bug Fixes, Features & More

Apple has released HomePod 16.3 update one day later than expected, with temperature and humidity sensors activation for HomePod mini! Check out all new features, unresolved issues, bug fixes and new problems!…

HomePod 16.3 not available

HomePod 16.3 Not Showing Up? Not Available? Release Date?

HomePod 16.3 not showing up in the Home app? You’ve update iPhone and iPad to iOS 16.3, Mac to macOS 13.2, Apple Watch to watchOS 9.3, but 16.3 for HomePods is not available? You’re not alone! Apple has changed the release date!…

HomePod 2

HomePod 2 Features, Specs, Issues, Pricing & More

Apple has recently unveiled the HomePod 2, an upgraded version of the original HomePod. Let’s check out its features, specs, retail price, reported issues and anything else worth mentioning….