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HomePod OS 16 update

HomePod OS 16 Problems, Features, Bugs And Fixes

Apple has released HomePod OS 16 with performance and stability improvements. Check out what’s new, inform yourself about the bugs fixed, as well as fresh problems along with available workarounds!…

HomePod 16 Public Beta

How To Install HomePod 16 Public Beta For The First Time

Now you can install HomePod 16 Public Beta! It’s the first time ever when Apple releases a public beta for its wireless smart speakers. You do need an iPhone or iPad updated to iOS 16 Public Beta to proceed, but I’m sure that’s already available….

HomePod randomly playing music

HomePod Randomly Playing Music During The Night? (Fixed!)

Is your HomePod randomly playing music? Does it happen even in the middle of the night? This issue is very annoying especially if the sound on your smart speaker remains set at a high level!…

HomePod mini volume control not working

HomePod mini Volume Control Not Working (Fixed!)

Is the HomePod volume control not working as expected? You’re trying to adjust the sound level but the outcome is unpredictable? The audio output jumps in the opposite direction or doesn’t change at all? This is caused by a HomePodOS bug….

HomePod wifi signal

How To Check HomePod WiFi Signal Strength On iPhone

Do you know that you can now check HomePod WiFi signal strength on iPhone, iPad or Mac? All this thanks to new functionality added by the recently released iOS 15.5, HomePod 15.5 and macOS 12.4 software updates. How To Check HomePod WiFi Signal Strength All that you have to do is to open the Home…