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HomePod Temperature Sensor not working

HomePod Temperature Sensor Not Working? Calibrating? Not Responding? (Fix!)

HomePod sensors not working? Getting This Accessory is not responding error? Temperature and humidity sensors stuck on Calibrating, when you try to find out the readings in the Home app? You’re not alone!…

home climate lock screen widget

Climate Lock Screen Widget Shows Decimal Temp Values! [TIL]

Apple has unlocked the Temperature and Humidity sensors of the HomePod mini and the new HomePod 2. But did you know that the new Climate Lock Screen widget of the Home app is able to provide even more granular temperature readings?…

HomePod Temperature and humidity not showing

HomePod Temperature And Humidity Not Showing, Not Working?

HomePod Temperature and Humidity not showing sensors not showing after OS 16.3 update? No Climate tab in the Home app and current indoor climate readings are missing from the selected room?…