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Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Saturation

Apple Watch Series 6 Adds Blood Oxygen Level Feature (Rumor)

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 will pack a new sensor that’s able to monitor the Blood Oxygen Levels (saturation) of an user. This huge claim has been made by DigiTimes. The Taiwanese tech website reports that the local ASE Technology company that will allegedly provide the sensors has received an impressive order from Apple….

press home to unlock vs slide to unlock

iOS 10 Press To Unlock vs Slide To Unlock iPhone

One of the important changes noticed while testing out iOS 10 is that Apple has decided to modify the way users unlock their iPhones. The Slide To Unlock gesture, an Apple “trademark” for accessing the home screen of an iPhone has been replaced with the Press To Unlock action. Considering that the average user browses…

long sleeve loose fit wrist detection error

Apple Watch Wrist Detection Facts

Wrist Detection is a very important piece of the Apple Watch security puzzle. It can be compared to the Touch ID fingerprint system, found on the iPhone. As the name says, this feature helps your watchOS device determine when it’s worn on your wrist and when not. This triggers the locking mechanism of your Watch,…

apple watch heart rate sensors disabled

How To Disable Apple Watch Heart Rate Tracking

Some Apple Watch users are really not that interested in the wearable’s capabilities of measuring and recording their pulse readings. It’s true that this feature is one of the important battery drainers of the wrist gadget. However, with the release of Watch OS 1.0.1, heart rate measurements have considerably dropped in frequency, because of the…

apple watch real-time heart rate display

Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

One of the greatest features in terms of health and fitness, introduced by the Apple Watch, is its ability to efficiently measure your heart rate, at any given moment in time. Data is recorded and synced with the Health App, available on the paired iPhone. This allows you to track your heart’s performance throughout the…