How To Bring The iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus In Recovery Mode

iphone 8 plus in recovery mode

iPhone 8 Plus in Recovery Mode.

Recently. I’ve informed you that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus flagships come with a new button combination for hard rebooting. This is the 2nd year in a row when Apple decides to tweak the new iPhone’s force restart procedure. Last year, the change was caused by the replacement of the classical Home button with a solid-state model. It was replaced by the Volume Down button in the force reboot trick. However, this year the blame falls on the Emergency SOS function and Apple’s desire to limit accidental activation.

To cut to the chase, if the hard reboot procedure has changed it means that the Recovery Mode sequence is also different. Read on an learn how to enter the iPhone’s recovery mode in order to restore it. Do mind that restoring an iOS device leads to the loss of the entire data that is available on the iPhone. However, if you have a backup in iTunes or in your iCloud account you will be able to recover your data.

How To Bring iPhone 8 & 8 Plus In Recovery Mode
If you can’t update or restore your Apple smartphone the conventional way, the recovery-mode restore might be your only option available to solve the situation. Follow these steps to do it:
Important: Before proceeding with the Recovery mode trick please make sure that your computer is running the latest iTunes version. Else, make sure that you update.
1. Connect your iPhone to the available computer with the help of the stock lightning cable.
2. iTunes should automatically open on your desktop. Check if your computer has identified your device and start with force restarting your iPhone.
3. Press and release the Volume Up button, followed immediately, with a similar action for the Volume Down one. Finally, press & hold the Side Button (Power/Sleep button) until the device enters the Recovery Mode.
4. Notice the iTunes logo centered on a black background. This means that your iPhone is ready to be restored.
5. A prompt is displayed in iTunes, on your computer. Restore or Update iPhone. Click Update and iTunes attempts to reinstall your device without losing data. Click Update and iTunes will try to reinstall iOS on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus without erasing your data.
6. When finished you can proceed and setup your iPhone.

How To Exit From Recovery Mode
If you accidentally bring your iPhone into Recovery Mode don’t panic! You can easily exit it without needing to restore or update your iOS device. Simply, disconnect your iPhone from the computer and press the Side button to restart it!

Tip: Here is how to enter and exit DFU Mode on iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X!