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whatsapp search not working ios 16

WhatsApp Search Not Working? Preparing Results 0? Fix?

WhatsApp chat search not working after backup restore? Getting Preparing Results 0 or No Results error? Upgraded your iPhone model and transferred your conversations from iCloud and search is stuck?!…

iOS 16.0.2 unsigned

iOS 16.0.2 Not Signed Anymore! iOS 15.7 Still Signed!

Apple has unsigned iOS 16.0.2, one week after the release of iOS 16.0.3. This means that you can not restore the previous version in Finder or iTunes anymore. Nevetheless, iOS 15.7 is still signed, which means that you can still downgrade to iOS 15!…

how to downgrade from iOS 15 beta

How To Downgrade From iOS 15 Beta To 14 Without Losing Data

Some apps and their features might not work as expected in the iOS 15 test versions. That’s why you might be looking for a way to downgrade from iOS 15 Public Beta to the most recent version of iOS 14! If you listened to us and performed an archived backup before upgrading to iOS 15,…

Increased Battery Drain in iOS 14 and watchOS 7

How To Fix Increased Battery Drain On iPhone And Apple Watch (iOS 14, watchOS 7)

Are your iPhone and Apple Watch experiencing increased battery drain ever since you updated to iOS 14 and watchOS 7? Apple has recently acknowledged the problem and released a support document that provides a solution for this and a series of other glitches including missing GPS mapping during workouts and other data missing from the…

how to restore missing iTunes purchases

How To Restore Missing Stickers & iTunes Purchases After iOS 14 Update

Updating to iOS 14 is highly recommended. The latest major software update for iPhone adds lots of new features and enhancements for Apple’s smartphone. However, in some rare cases it appears that it also strips certain iPhone owners from their previously downloaded iTunes and App Store purchases….