How To Change Apple Watch Move Goal

change apple watch daily move goal

Changing Apple Watch daily Move goal.

If Apple’s wrist gadget is the first fitness tracking device that you’ve ever worn, you might not properly configure your Activity goals from the first set up. That’s perfectly normal, because if you never measured before, it’s quite hard to estimate how many calories you’re actively burning during a day. It’s true that the Apple Watch comes to aid and asks you about your lifestyle. You can choose between light, moderate or heavy. Depending on this pick, WatchOS sets goals for all three Activity Rings.

For example, if you evaluate your lifestyle as being moderately active your Watch will, consider your weight, height, age, gender and determine your goals. For me it set the bar to 700 active calories a day, 30 minutes of exercise and 12 standing hours. If the rings are too easy to complete it means that you underrated your daily movement and have to raise your goals to become more competitive. The other way around is also possible. If you struggle with completing the Activity Rings, lower your goals until their meet your current fitness level and then gradually raise them, each month or every two weeks.

Change Apple Watch Move Goal
apple watch change move goal setting At the moment watchOS only allows you to tweak the active calorie target. That’s because 12 standing hours and at least 30 minutes of exercising per day are mandatory for a healthy lifestyle. However, if you wanna lose weight or simply like to jog the extra mile, you can motivate yourself to do it by increasing your Move goal. This is done from within the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Open the full app, not the glance view, and press firmly on the screen. Force touch pops up a hidden option called: Change Move Goal. Use it and tweak the amount of active calories that you wish to reach during a day. Tap the + or buttons to increase or decrease the numbers.

activity app goal change display Fact: Every Move goal change on the Apple Watch is highlighted in the Activity app stats on the paired iPhone. Open the app on your iOS device and display the month view. Swipe right and the active calorie target increase or decrease is highlighted on your screen.

Tip: If your height (in case of teenagers) and especially weight change over time, make sure to adjust the numbers within the Activity app. This will maintain accurate tracking with your wrist-worn device. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and browse to My Watch -> Health. Here you can tweak Birthdate, Sex, Weight and Height!