How To Delete Messages From iOS Conversation Threads

deleting messages from ios conversation thread

Deleting delicate messages from iPhone conversation thread.

It often happens that you have a few delicate message exchanges with sensible contacts and would like to delete them in order to prevent information leakage, in case your iPhone lands in the hands of your children or other close friends or family members. On the other hand, you wanna keep the conversation thread alive, to avoid raising suspicions.

This means that you need to pinpoint and delete only certain iMessages or SMSes from your discussion, to protect your secrets. There’s also an option to passcode protect your texts with the help of third-party apps, in case you need to information stored for a longer time. If this is what you’re looking for please read how to hide contacts on your iPhone, else continue with this lecture!

Deleting iPhone Message Thread
deleting iphone message threadOf course, that you can delete the whole conversation if you wish to opt for the simple way. This is done by opening iOS Messages and swiping left on the conversation in question. The red Delete label is unveiled. Tap it and the Message thread is erased!

Pinpoint And Delete Messages From Threads
Open Messages on your iPhone and press on the conversation thread that requires editing. Now, tap&hold on a text, from the discussion that you wish to erase, until the edit bubble pops-up. Select More… and the thread edit mode will be enabled. Tap on the round shapes next to each item, to tick all iMessages or SMSes that you wish to delete. Next, hit the Garbage Can icon available in the bottom left corner of the screen. Confirm deletion and you’re done!

original iphone message thread message thread edit screen ticking messages to be erased
messages to be deleted confirm message deletion message thread view after editing