How To Disinfect Your iPhone From Potential Coronavirus Germs

Apple confirms iPhone can be wipe-cleaned with medical alcohol

Apple confirms that iPhones can be wipe-cleaned with medical alcohol. Source:

“Disinfection” is one of most popular keywords of these days. You’re probably aware that your smartphone is a germ magnet. Studies have shown that if not cleaned regularly, it can end up storing more germs than your toilet seat. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, maintaining your iPhone clean should be on the top of your list. Especially because, Screen time has skyrocketed in recent days. The lockdown provides the us the perfect environment to spend even more time on the smartphones.

So, let’s see how we can efficiently disinfect an iPhone! Thankfully, Apple has recently updated its support page that tackles the Apple products cleaning subject. The Cupertino-based tech giant confirms that it’s safe to use a strong disinfectant on your iPhone. Most of you should already know that the coronavirus germs are efficiently killed by 70%-alcoholic substances, like medical alcohol. No, you won’t harm your iPhone if you wipe it clean with medical alcohol! However, don’t spray the substance directly on to the device. Pulverize on the wipes, made out of soft fabric, and use them to disinfect your Apple product.

How To Clean iPhone From Coronavirus Germs
1. Use a soft fabric wipe.
2. Pulverize the wipe with medical alcohol until it gets a decent degree of moisture.
3. Wipe your iPhone clean on both sides and all edges. Insist in the protruding back-camera section.
4. Repeat the process daily, or several times a day if you’re on the move and not in quarantine.
Fact: Don’t use medical alcohol on leather surfaces. If you have a leather case, or any other case, remove it, before disinfecting your device!

Important: Avoid spraying the device directly, especially in it’s microphone, speaker or other openings!
Do Not use bleach!
Do Not submerge your iPhone or any other Apple product in any cleaning agent!

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Apple’s official support page related to cleaning Apple products is available here!