How To Quickly Turn On The iPhone Flashlight Or Camera From The Lock Screen

iPhone Flashlight and Camera lock screen shortcuts

iPhone Flashlight and Camera lock screen shortcuts.

It’s hard not to notice the two icons available in the bottom corners of your iPhone’s Lock Screen. On the left you have the Flashlight shortcut, while in the other corner you have the Camera quick access. However, there is not shame to admit that you don’t know how to trigger them. I know many that are having a hard time to switch ON the iPhone’s torch or launch the Camera app from the Lock Screen.

That’s because your instinct tells you to swipe the icon. You try swiping up, no luck. Swipe-right, down or left doesn’t help either. Next, you try to tap the icons, without any result though. Ultimately you 3D Touch or hard press the icons, but that has no effect either. You lose your patience, unlock the iPhone and swipe for Control Center to open the desired app. Here is what you have to do to efficiently use the Flashlight and Camera icons from the iOS Lock Screen.

How To Turn On The Flashlight From iPhone Lock Screen
1. Wake your iPhone’s screen, either by raising the device, by tapping the display or by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
2. Hard & looong-press the Flashlight icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
Fact: You need patience with this gesture. First hard-press the icon until it enlarges. Hold your press longer than usual. The torch light up only after you release the hold.
Tip: Repeat the gesture if you want to turn the flashlight off.

Did you know that you can easily configure the intensity of your flashlight with a handy shortcut!

How To Open The Camera App From iOS Lock Screen
An identical action is required quickly open up the iPhone’s Camera app:
1. Wake your iPhone.
2. Hard & looong-press the Camera icon, available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Fact: Don’t rush this command. First press firmly on the icon and maintain your press for more than one second. Release to open up the Camera app.
Tip: There’s a second, older shortcut for accessing the Camera app from the iPhone Lock Screen. Swipe-left on the lock screen and you’ll instantly unveil the camera’s viewfinder!

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