How To Download All Ringtones Ever Purchased From iTunes On iPhone & iPad In iOS 11

download all purchased tones ios 11 option

Download All Purchased Tones iOS 11 option.

Among the multitude of new features included in iOS 11 there is one that allows you to redownload all ringtones that you ever purchased from iTunes, with your Apple ID. This allows you to easily grab your favorite tones whenever you upgrade your iPhone or iPad. You can lose your ringtones even if you don’t change your iOS device, but simply opt to set up your current iPhone as new. If you forget to backup your device there is no way to bring back your ringtone, unless your device runs iOS 11.

Download All Purchased Tones is the new feature available in the 11th iOS generation and can be found in the Settings app. Use the steps provided below and grab your favorite tones back from iTunes. You can use them as Ringtones, incoming text tones, new mail alert sounds, Calendar alerts, Reminder alerts and more.

Redownload All Tones Previously Purchased From iTunes
how to download all purchased tones from itunes1. Open the Settings app from the Home Screen of your iPhone and iPad.
2. Scroll for the Sounds menu and tap it.
3. In the Sounds and Vibration Patterns category, tap on Ringtone.
4. Use the Download All Purchased Tones option.
5. Be patient until your iPhone is Checking for Downloads and Downloading the available tones.

Fact: Your iPhone will search the iTunes store for all tones purchased with the Apple ID that’s currently used on the device. To check what Apple account you’re currently using, scroll to the top of the Settings home screen and find out.