How To Fix Apple TV Stuttering Video In Disney+, Netflix…

Apple TV stuttering video

Apple TV stuttering video

Is Apple TV stuttering video when watching content on Disney+, Netflix or similar streaming platforms? This can become annoying even if you’re only dealing with micro-stuttering episodes. Follow the tips provided below to fix it!

5 Ways To Fix Apple TV Stuttering Video

1. Enable Match Content

fix Apple TV stuttering with match content
Random stuttering might happen if Apple TV sends the signal to your TV at a different rate than the one it is encoded at.

To avoid this you should enable Match Frame Rate in: Settings -> Video and Audio -> Match Content.

Do you notice the difference?

2. Restart Apple TV

Stuttering on Apple TV might be also caused by a temporary glitch, the could be flushed away with the help of a reboot.

How to: You can reboot the Apple TV in Settings -> System -> Restart.

3. Update Apps

automatically update apps on apple tv
Disney+ stuttering Apple TV can happen because of a glitch in the Disney app. In this case, the developer will issue a software update to correct it.

To make sure that third-party apps installed on your Apple TV are always up to date I recommend you to:

A. Update The App Manually

  • Open App Store.
  • Select Search and lookup for the desired app.
  • Select Update if available.

B. Allow The Apps To Update Automatically

This is done in Settings -> Apps -> Automatically Update Apps

4. Update tvOS

Apple TV stuttering can be also caused by a tvOS bug. In this case you should look for updates and make sure that your TV set is running the most recent version.

How to: tvOS updates are found in Settings -> System -> Software Updates.

5. Use Wired Internet

If Apple TV stuttering continues after all the above check the Internet connection. If it’s wireless it might be spotty or experience interferences.

Consider setting up a wired Internet connection for higher download speeds and a more stable connection in the long term.

Have you managed to fix Apple TV stuttering video when streaming content? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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