4 Ways To Fix iPhone Compass That’s Not Working Properly

iPhone Compass not working properly

iPhone Compass not working properly.

Back in the days users had to manually calibrate the iPhone Compass every time you planned to use it. Now, the iOS Compass is automatically calibrating itself as long as it’s correctly set up.
In this article we’ll check some tweaks that you can apply to improve accuracy, if the built-in Compass of your iPhone doesn’t work properly.

First of all, please make sure that the iPhone’s compass isn’t influenced by any third party perturbing factors.
An iPhone case that packs a magnetic flap will render your Compass unusable. This also includes placing your iPhone on a metal surface when using the Compass app, Maps, Google Maps or any other similar application that requires compass data for accurately displaying your position on a map.

How To Fix iPhone Compass Accuracy

1. Turn On Compass Calibration

how to enable automatic compass calibration on iPhone Is your iPhone Compass not working? First, make sure that it’s calibrating properly. As mentioned above, the calibration is done automatically as long as the proper permissions are provided.
-> Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
-> Scroll for Privacy.
-> Tap on Location Services.
-> With Location Services turned ON, scroll for System Services.
-> Enable Compass Calibration.

2. Disable ‘True North’ setting.

how to disable True North iPhone Compass setting If the compass on your iPhone is set to show the geographical North it might not work as expected. Here is how to increase its accuracy:
-> Open the Settings app.
-> Scroll for Compass.
-> Disable the ‘Use True North’ selection.
Tip: Also tap on Location and make sure that ‘Precise Location’ is enabled if you’re aiming for high accuracy! It will allow apps to get the exact location of your iOS device.

3. Back Tap Your iPhone

If you used a case with a magnetic flap on your iPhone, or your iOS device was in the close proximity of a magnetic field, your compass might still be frozen.
Fix: Hit the back of your palm with your iPhone to provide a medium shock to the device and unfreeze the compass. Let’s call it forced compass calibration.

4. Force Restart iPhone

If nothing from the above works, perform the good old force restart trick to eliminate any minor software glitches that could affect the compass functionality.
-> Click the Volume Up button -> Release -> Click the Volume Down button -> Release -> Press & hold the Side button until the Apple logo flashes on your screen.
Be patient until the iPhone boots back up and open the Compass app.

Video Tutorial

To have it even clearer we’ve recorded a video that shows you how to fix the iPhone Compass in 2020:

Did you manage to solve the Compass not working problem on your iPhone? Let us know which fix worked for you. Use the comments section available below!

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