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iPhone Compass not working properly

4 Ways To Fix iPhone Compass That’s Not Working Properly

Back in the days users had to manually calibrate the iPhone Compass every time you planned to use it. Now, the iOS Compass is automatically calibrating itself as long as it’s correctly set up. In this article we’ll check some tweaks that you can apply to improve accuracy, if the built-in Compass of your iPhone…

iphone displaying gps coordinates

How To Quickly Find Your Exact GPS Coordinates Using Your iPhone Or iPad

We all know that our iOS devices are able to quickly triangulate our location and easily pint-point our position in stock apps like Maps or third party ones like Google Maps and Waze. However, in certain situations we need to know our exact GPS coordinates in order to be able to share our location with…

iphone compass calibration

iPhone Compass Calibration Trick

The built-in Compass app is a great orientation tool provided by your iPhone. In iOS 7 it’s available, by default, on your first home screen in the bottom left corner. You need to calibrate the Compass whenever you open the app. Calibration is accomplished by tilting the screen, which triggers the roll of a red…