How To Make Great Animoji Karaoke Clips On The iPhone X

iphone x animoji karaoke

iPhone X Animoji karaoke.

Judging the amount of success that Apple’s revolutionary Animoji feature already, I’m sure that plenty of you consider that the $1000 investment already pays off! Being able to record and share animated emojis has created a new lip-syncing mania also known as Animoji Karaoke. YouTube and all the popular social media websites have been flooded this weekend with a series of funny videos recorded on Apple’s iPhone X. Users practically mimic singing a popular song and their facial expression are replicated by the chosen Animoji. Everything is recorded and shared with friends!

Animojis are animated with the help of the TrueDepth camera system located in the front notch. It’s the same hardware that’s behind the Face ID authentication system. The iPhone X is analyzing your facial expression and mimics them with the help of the selected animoji. The 12 available characters, mostly animals along a robot, alien and a big pile of poop. This allows users to create funny videos and some of the most entertaining ones are those involving karaoke.

5 Steps To Shoot An Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X
Here is what you have to record and edit your own Animoji karaoke clip:
1. Pick A Song
Start off by choosing the proper music. Go for a popular hit, either a modern blockbuster or an ever-green. The more familiar the song is the more entertaining the karaoke will be for your viewers, because there’s a good chance that they’ll know the lyrics and sing along!
Important: The music can’t be played on the iPhone X because playback is automatically disabled when you enable the Animoji feature. Either play the song on a secondary iOS device or on your Smart TV. The higher the volume the better!

2. Know The Lyrics
To make a great lip sync you have to know the lyrics. The best tip is to play the song on your Apple TV or other Smart TV. I use the YouTube app on my TV and this way I have both the sound and the wording in the same place!

3. Grab The iPhone X
Now, it’s time to wake the iPhone X, swipe up for the Home screen and tap on the Messages app. Open an existing thread or choose to type a new iMessage. Tap on the App Store icon, to unveil the app scrubber and hit the monkey-faced Animoji icon. Select the character that you want to lip sync with.
Tip: To be able to edit the video easier, don’t enable Animoji full-screen mode!

4. Record Your Karaoke
There are two ways to record your performance:
A. Animoji Record Button: The natural way is to use the red record button provided by the Animoji feature. However, the recording is currently limited to 10-seconds and I’m sure that you want more than just word mouthing a refrain!
B. iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature
If you want to get rid of limitations, simply swipe-down for the Control Center and use the Screen Recording feature. Tap a second time when you finish your performance and the video is saved in the Photos app.
Tip: If the Screen Record button isn’t available in the iPhone X Control Center, follow these steps to enable it via the Settings app.

5. Edit The Video
Use your favorite video editing app to fine tune your karaoke clip. You can do it directly on the iPhone X with iMove or the Clips app, or bring the file on your iPad or computer.
Tip: To bring your Animoji Karaoke to the next level, pick a famous duet or a play that involves multiple performer. Record a clip for each singer. Pick a different Animoji for each performer and lip sync only his part of the song. At the end merge all the videos together. In this scenario forget about the audio during the performance, because you’ll have to add the original song during the editing session, or you’ll end up with multiple audios overlaying on top of each other!

iPhone X Animoaji Karaoke Demo
I hope that the tips above come in handy. Check out the YouTube videos embedded below for more inspiration: