3 Ways To Wake The iPhone X And Unlock With Face ID

locked iphone x

Locked iPhone X

Unlocking the iPhone X with your face works like a charm and thanks to Face ID and a few other iOS 11 features like Raise to Wake and Tap to Wake browsing the iPhone ‘Ten’ is more seamless than ever. To be able to unlock the 10th anniversary iPhone, just by glancing at it, you first have to set up Face ID. Allow the TrueDepth camera system to perform a 360 degree scan of your face.

Next, to make the front facing sensors aware that you want to unlock and use the device, you have to light-up the iPhone X’s display. With the screen on, Face ID immediately scans the user’s face and unlocks the iPhone X. Do mind, that attention awareness is very important. By default, if your eyes are closed when you point the device towards your face, the iPhone will remain looked. However, you can tweak this extra security option from the iOS Settings app and allow Face ID to unlock the iPhone X even when your eyes are closed.

How To Wake The iPhone X
1. Click Side Button
The most popular way to light-up the edge-to-edge OLED display is by clicking the Side button (former Sleep/Wake button). As soon as you press the button, look at the device and slide-up from the bottom to bring up the Home screen.
2. Raise To Wake
The iPhone X can use its accelerometer sensor to notice when you pick it up from a desk and want to engage with it. Similarly with the Apple Watch that becomes active when you raise your wrist, the iPhone ‘Ten’ becomes alert when you bring it up toward your face. Glance at it and Face ID will unlock it in no-time.
3. Tap To Wake
The iPhone X’s bezel-less display is also incredibly tactile. Simply, tap the screen of your iOS gadget and the device will turn on its screen. Glance at it and perform the same upwards slide, from the bottom of the screen, to bring up the Home screen.

Tip: Did you know that you can temporarily disable Face ID to prevent third parties from force-unlocking your device by pointing it towards your face?