How To Pin Message Conversations On iPhone In iOS 14

Pinned Messages Conversations in iOS 14

Pinned Messages Conversations in iOS 14.

The native Messages app gets a whole series of new features and enhancements in iOS 14. One of them allows users to pin conversations. Highlight important messages and get easier access to popular discussions.
You can pin up to 9 message conversations. The pins are displayed at the top of the conversations list, in the Messages app home screen.

And there’s more to it! The Messages pins are interactive.
They animate when someone from the conversation is typing, sending a tapback or a recent message is received.
Pins of group conversations showcase the three most recent participants. Their icons circle around the group’s icon to highlight who was recently active.

How To Pin Conversations in Messages

how to pin iPhone messages It’s very easy to assign pins to your important discussions. All that you need to do is swipe-right on the conversation in question.
If you perform a half-swipe a yellow pin is unveiled. Tap it and the conversation icon is displayed at the top of the list.
Tip: Long-press on a discusson and drag it to the top of the conversation list to pin it!
Fact: The new pins in Messages sync across devices and they’ll show up on iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur devices too.

Pinned Message Indicators In iOS 14

pinned message indicators in iOS 14 – Three animated suspension points hovering in the lower part of the pinned icon, means that the conversation partner is typing a new message.
– A blue dot in the lower-left side of the action means that you have unread texts in the discussion.
– When the blue dot is displayed the ‘now typing’ animation bubble is displayed at the top of the animation icon.
– The latest unread message from a discussion, or its initial part (if the text is longer), is displayed in a conversation bubble, that’s hovering in the upper side of the pinned icon.

Pinned Message Tips & Tricks

– Long-press a pinned conversation to unveil quick actions: Unpin [name], Hide Alerts and Delete.
– Long-press and drag a pin to change its location at the top of Messages.
– Use the ‘Edit’ button available in the top-left corner of the Messages home screen, to enter edit mode and pin multiple conversations at once.
– You can pin both iMessages as well as regular text messages!

How To Unpin Messages In iOS 14

Message Pins edit menuWhen a discussion dies off and you’re not interested in it anymore, you can remove it from the top of the Messages conversations.
1. Tap on Edit, top-left corner of the screen.
2. Select ‘Edit Pins’.
3. Hit the ‘-‘ icon hovering at the top of the pin and tap ‘Done’ to exit the edit menu.
Tip: You can also long-press the pinned chat and tap on ‘Unpin [contact name]’ and achieve the same result a bit quicker.

Tip: Long-press on a message and select ‘Reply’ to use another new iOS 14 Messages feature called inline replies. All related messages are displayed in their own view, for a more streamlined conversation.

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