How To Quickly Check Your iPhone’s Limited Warranty Or AppleCare+ Expiry Date

iPhone displaying Warranty status in settings menu

iPhone displaying Warranty status in settings menu.

New iPhones come with a 1-year Limited International Warranty (AppleCare). This means that your Apple smartphone is covered for eligible hardware repairs and service for the first 12 months after activation. You can bring your iOS device to any official Apple Store or repair shop and it will be serviced or replaced free of any additional charges, if the problem is eligible for a repair, of course. Free hardware repairs are provided when Apple admits a design or hardware flaw or when your iPhone’s functionality degrades at an abnormal rate.

If you’re not sure when you activated your iPhone and if it still is under the Limited Warranty coverage there is an easy way to check it out. All that you have to do is open the Settings app and tap on About. Now you can check the Limited Warranty status. As you can see, in the nearby screenshot, mine expires on January 16, 2021. Tap on the Limited Warranty tab and you will open the detailed info screen.

Important: Apple’s Limited Warranty and AppleCare+ product benefits come in addition to rights provided by consumer law. If you think that you have claim that could fit in the category you can contact Apple at:

How To Check AppleCare+ Expiry Date
how to check iphone warranty status If you purchased your iPhone together with the AppleCare+ package the expiry date of this package will be also available in the same menu. Instead of the Limited Warranty tag, you will have the AppleCare+ tag.
1. Open Settings.
2. Tap on About.
3. Select AppleCare+.
Fact: If instead of AppleCare+ you see Limited Warranty it means that you did not purchase AppleCare+. AppleCare+ requires an extra $129 down payment when you purchase your new iPhone. You can opt for AppleCare+ up to 30 days after the purchase. Here you can find more details about this extra iPhone insurance option.

Related: Did you know that the AppleCare limited warranty doesn’t cover water damage? Although the new iPhones are marketed as water resistant to a certain degree, they won’t be repaired free of charge if you get water in them!