How To Reset AirPods Max To Fix Bugs And Glitches

how to factory reset airpods max

How to reset AirPods Max.

Did you know that you can reset your AirPods Max? This option is a great troubleshooting method in case of Bluetooth connectivity issues and other glitches that might arise while pairing and using Apple’s over-ear headphones with the various devices that’s compatible with.

Similar to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple products you can reboot the AirPods Max and start fresh in case the device isn’t functioning as expected.

Important: Apple recommends you to charge the headphones before performing the reset. Use the USB-C to Lightning Cable that’s included in the box!

How To Reset AirPods Max

how to reset airpods max
Press and hold the Noise Control button and the Digital Crown until the LED flashes amber.
Release and be patient for the headphones to reboot. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac nearby, the AirPods Max should automatically connect back after the reset.
Fact: Both the Noise Control and the Digital Crown buttons are placed at the top of the right-hand earcup.

Reset AirPods Max To Factory Settings

If you plan to sell / giveaway your AirPods Max, or simply start from scratch to make sure that all bugs are flushed down the drain you can factory reset them. This will allow you to unpair the over-ear headphones from your iCloud account.
How To: Press and hold the Noise Control button and the Digital Crown for 15 seconds. The LED available at the bottom of the right earcup has to flash amber, and then white!

Fact: After you factory reset your AirPods Max, you have to repair them to your iOS, iPadOS or macOS device to start using them again.

Have you encounter any problems with the AirPods Max? Did you have to use the hard reset trick yet? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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