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Tag: Reset

incorrect notes password warning prompt

5 Tips To Avoid Locking Yourself Out From A Password Protected iOS Notes App

Starting with iOS 9.3, Apple has enriched Notes with a privacy feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to add a second layer of protection for their sensitive data, stored within the built-in Notes app. More precisely, besides using the 6-digit Lock Screen Passcode, users can add a password and use Touch ID to extra…

ios restrictions failed passcode attempt

How To Reset iOS Restrictions Passcode For iPhone And iPad

If you’re sharing your iPhone with your kids or any other third party you surly have set up iOS Restrictions to protect your sensitive data, prevent children from accidentally reaching adult content and why not to avoid extra charges from unwanted App Store downloads. Whenever you decide to use the iPhone’s Restrictions feature you’re asked…

erase all data from iphone

How To Erase All Data From Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you want to sell your iOS device or plan to give it away to a friend you will need to erase all data and settings in order to protect your personal information and give the chance to the new owner to set up the iPhone from scratch and get a fresh start with his…

calibrate iphone battery

How To Recalibrate The iPhone Battery

If your iPhone’s battery percentage indicator starts acting funny, it means that your device’s power source has lost its compass. This usually happens when the iOS device spends an increased amount of time in extreme temperatures. If you’re out in the cold and the iPhone is exposed to it, the battery might experience a sudden…