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restart apple tv remote

How To Restart Apple TV Remote To Fix Issues And Glitches

Do you know that you can restart the Apple TV remote? Yes, you can reset Siri remote without rebooting Apple TV. It’s a handy troubleshooting option when issues occur that prevent the remote from controlling Volume and other options on your smart TV!…

apple watch takes forever to restart

Apple Watch Takes Forever To Restart? (watchOS 10 Beta 2)

Is your Apple Watch taking a long time to boot after updating to watchOS 10 beta 2? White Apple logo is stuck on the screen for several minutes before the device manage to restart? You’re not the only one!…

iphone restarting ios 16

iPhone Restarting iOS 16 Issue? Device Rebooting Randomly?

Is your iPhone restarting randomly after iOS 16 update? Device reboots over and over again, every couple of minutes or several times a day? Issue occurs unexpectedly and hasn’t been fixed by the iOS 16.1 or iOS 16.1.1 updates? You’re not alone!…

AirPods Max Noise Cancelling Bug

How To Fix AirPods Max Noise Cancelation Not Working

Is the AirPods Max Noise Cancellation feature not working as expected? Does Active Noise cancelling only work for one ear cup? You’re not the only one experiencing this annoying bug! Apparently, the issue is triggered when the user switches between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes, by clicking the Noise Control button….

how to factory reset airpods max

How To Reset AirPods Max To Fix Bugs And Glitches

Did you know that you can reset your AirPods Max? This option is a great troubleshooting method in case of Bluetooth connectivity issues and other glitches that might arise while pairing and using Apple’s over-ear headphones with the various devices that’s compatible with….