How To Send Mail Later On iPhone With Scheduled Send iOS 16

Send Later Mail iOS 16

Send Later in Mail iOS 16.

Starting with iOS 16 you can send mail later on iPhone! The feature is called Scheduled Send and allows you to set up email messages to be sent at a precise time of your desire. This will increase your efficiency and make you more proactive.

How To Send Mail Later On iPhone

This option is available to all devices compatible with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura:
how to send later in mail

  • 1. Open Mail and create a new email or reply to an ongoing conversation.
  • 2. Long-press the blue Send button, after you finish composing the message.
  • 3. There are three Scheduled Send options available:
    -> Send 9:00 PM Tonight
    -> Send 9:00 PM Tomorrow
    -> Send Later…

    If the default options don’t suit you, go for Send Later… and you’re able to pick the delivery date and exact time, with minute precision.

How To Cancel Scheduled Send In Mail

If you reconsider and don’t want to send email later at all, or you want to send it now, you can find all scheduled deliveries in: Mail -> Mailboxes -> Send Later (it’s a new category below VIP).

how to edit send later in mail

Here you can:
Swipe-left on the email thread to trash the scheduled send.
Tap Edit and select multiple mails that you want to delete.
Tap the mail in question and tweak delivery date & time. You can also Cancel Send Later.

cancel send later in mail

Tip: In these early iOS 16 beta stages the reply is deleted if you cancel the scheduled send. I recommend you to copy the message, to be able to quickly paste it in a new reply if you reconsidered and want to send the email now instead of a later delivery!

Mail Scheduled Send Not Working

Did the sent mail later option fail? Please make sure that your device is online during the selected delivery time.

If iPhone is in Airplane Mode our out of WiFi/Cellular data coverage, the email will fail to send at the planned time.

It will get delivered once your device regains connectivity.

Tip: Also make sure that you select the correct timezone when setting up the scheduled delivery!

Do you like this new send mail later feature available in iOS 16? What’s your feedback? Use the comments!

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