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Email Reply Reminder in iOS 16

Email Reply Reminders Available On iPhone Mail In iOS 16

Remind Me is a new iOS 16 feature, in Mail. It allows users to set email reply reminders for messages that can’t be replied instantly and might remain neglected over the long run. Practically, we’re dealing with a ‘please remind me to mail’ option….

Send Later Mail iOS 16

How To Send Mail Later On iPhone With Scheduled Send iOS 16

Starting with iOS 16 you can send mail later on iPhone! The feature is called Scheduled Send and allows you to set up email messages to be sent at a precise time of your desire. This will increase your efficiency and make you more proactive….

bypass captcha with automatic verification ios 16

How To Automatically Bypass CAPTCHA On iPhone (iOS 16)

Do you know that you can automatically bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone? This is available thanks to a less popular iOS 16 feature called Automatic Verification. When enabled, it allows iCloud to privately your device and account….

Apple Music sort playlist by

Apple Music Sort Playlist By Date Added & More [How To]

Apple Music playlist sort playlist by date added, release date, title, artist is finally available in iOS 16! This new feature that has been available to Spotify users and other competitors for a while now. Here is how to use it!…

Unsend Messages in iOS 16

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone, iPad and Mac (iOS 16)

Do you know that you can unsend messages on iPhone, iPad and Mac? If you accidentally send one or reconsider sharing some info, you have 15 minutes to undo send. All thanks to new iOS 16 features available for the stock Messages app. Unsend messages is also working on iPad and Mac devices that are…