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Gmail widget on iPhone Home Screen

How To Add Gmail Widget On iPhone Home Screen (iOS 14)

Google has finally updated Gmail with support for the iOS 14 Home Screen widgets feature. Version 6.0.201101 or later allows users to add the Gmail widget on iPhone home layout. All that you have to do is to update the app and add the glance from the ‘Add Widget’ menu….

New Gmail icon on iPhone Home Screen

How To Download New Gmail Icon For iOS, iPadOS And Android

Gmail for iOS has been updated with a new icon. Version 6.0.201004 brings a new look on the Home Screen for Gmail. The popular mail client is now represented by an ‘M’ letter that packs all four colors used by the Google brand: blue, red, yellow and green. The red tone is still predominant, while…

Gmail default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Gmail As Default Mail App On iPhone & iPad In iOS 14

One of the less known iOS and iPadOS 14 feature let’s you can change the default mail app for iPhone and iPad. However, for this option to become available, third-party mail clients have to be updated with compatibility. Microsoft have been the first to reach as they’ve updated Outlook with this feature as soon as…

Gmail for iOS with Light and Dark Mode

Trick To Unlock Dark Mode For Gmail On iPhone And iPad

Apple has introduced system-wide Dark Mode feature for the iPhone and iPad starting with iOS 13. That’s more than 7 months ago, but some popular third-party apps have failed to update with support for the new black theme. That’s a shame because the dark background is much more friendly with the user’s eyes, when the…

ios 13 no subject, no sender mail bug

How To Fix No Subject No Sender Error Mail Bug After Upgrading To iOS 13

Did you just upgrade to iOS 13 and your Mail app is failing badly? Rest assured you aren’t the only one. Although the 13th iOS generation has been heavily beta tested during the summer months, some bugs did manage to pass through and reached the public release. This isn’t something unseen, but I agree it’s…