You Have A New Message Gmail Notifications Error On iPhone?

you have a new message gmail notification error

You have a new message Gmail notification error.

Are you flooded by You have a new message Gmail notifications on your iPhone? However, when you tap to open them from the Lock Screen, you’re informed that ‘Message doesn’t exist’? You’re not the only one!

You Have A New Message Gmail Notifications?

This issue has been reported by Dreydon:

“seeing ‘you have a new message’ from Gmail and when I open the notification ‘message doesn’t exist’! anyone else having the same?”

We haven’t experienced it yet, but it seems that this is a common issue as confirmed on Reddit:

“Weird notifications from Gmail? These show up and then when I click on them, Gmail says the message doesn’t exist!”

Gmail You Have A New Message Notification Fix?

Apparently, there are two ways that trigger these notifications on your iPhone:

A. iPhone Restart

Users report that they get the ‘You have a new message’ notifications from Gmail if their device suddenly shuts down or gets restarted while push notifications from Gmail are just landing!

However, in this case the messages are there and accessible after the reboot!

B. Message Doesn’t Exist

The annoying scenario is when these Gmail push notifications are leading to the ‘Message doesn’t exist’ screen!

Apparently, this is caused when an incoming Google chat message is picked up by Gmail as a legit one, a push notification is generated and a fraction of a second later the Spam filter kicks-in and determines that the message belongs to the Spam folder.

When the notification is clicked it brings up the Message doesn’t exist error because the text is not available in your Inbox anymore.

How To Fix Message Doesn’t Exist Gmail Error

This annoying behavior should be fixed by Google in an upcoming app update. We suggest the following:

1. Update Gmail

Make sure that Gmail for iOS app is update to the most recent version. Here is its direct App Store link.

2. Turn Off Gmail Notifications

If you’re spammed to often by the fake you have a new message notifications, you should disable the Gmail alerts, at least until this gets fixed by an upcoming update.

How to: Go for Settings -> Notifications -> Gmail -> Allow Notifications

Have you managed to stop the unwanted you have a new message notifications from Gmail? Are you still getting message doesn’t exist? Share your feedback in the comments!

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