How To Stop Snoring With The Help Of Your Apple Watch

Sleep Cycle screen

Sleep Cycle screen.

The Apple Watch has been a revolutionary piece of technology ever since it premiered almost three years ago and it continues to amaze us everyday. The smartwatch’s contribution to better health and fitness levels are renown. The wrist-worn gadget encourages you to be active during the day and makes sure that your heart rate is within normal parameters.

But Apple’s hardware combined with crafted developer skills are now allowing the watchOS device to help its user to diminish and even completely stop snoring. Yes, you got this right if you’re an Apple Watch owner you can use it to improve your snoring problem. All this with the help of the new app called Sleep Cycle. The software is popular in the iOS environment but has just recently received its much awaited watchOS extension.

How Does Sleep Cycle Stop Snoring?
sleep cycle app The app is programed to detect when the user is snoring by analyzing your movement and vibrations during the various sleep phases. It can also check your heart rate via the Apple Watch. Whenever it thinks that you are breathing with that annoying sound it will generate a haptic feedback. Your partner won’t have to nudge you anymore. A vibration on your wrist will be strong enough to make you change your position and diminish or even stop your snoring, but light enough, in order no to wake you up.
Fact: This will greatly improve your sleep quality and you will feel better rested when you wake up in the morning!

sleep cycle snoring tracking 5 Steps To Allow Sleep Cycle To Prevent You From Snoring
1. Obviously you first have to install the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Use this link to open the App Store download page.
Fact: If you already own Sleep Cycle on your iOS device, use the same link provided above an “Update” to the most recent version that comes with Apple Watch support. If the Apple Watch app on your iPhone has the “Automatic App Install” feature enabled, the software will be automatically deployed on the smartwatch. Else, you have to install it manually. For more info about how to install apps on the Apple Watch please check here.
2. Open the Sleep Cycle app on your Apple Watch and set the approximate time of your wake-up call.
3. Click Start and the sleep monitoring process begins. Whenever you start snoring you’ll receive a vibration on your wrist which should make you change your position without waking up!

Important: For this feature to work the paired iPhone needs to be powered ON and within range of the Apple Watch. The watchOS device uses the iPhone’s microphone to determine how deep you sleep and recognize when you snore.

Tip: Tap the Apple Watch screen to stop the sleep analysis in case you reconsider.