iMessage Activation An Error Occurred IOS 17 Issue?

iMessage activation an error occurred ios 17

iMessage Activation an error occurred iOS 17.

Getting iMessage Activation an error occurred during activation in iOS 17? Facetime and iMessage don’t work anymore on your iPhone since the update? Try again gives the same outcome?

iMessage Activation Error in iOS 17?

This issue has been reported by Danna (iOS 17.0.1):

“imessage not working in ios 17. getting activation error all the time!”

We did not encounter the problem yet, but have seen numerous similar complaints starting with the beta versions:
1: “This Phone Number Cannot be Used by iMessage and FaceTime” error message.
2: “After updating to beta 6 my phone number seemed to have deactivated on its own for iMessage and FaceTime and won’t activate again.”
3: “Anyone able to activate iMessage…this was an issue for many on the betas, seems like on RC it doesn’t instantly throw an error but just gets stuck saying waiting for activation.”
4: “Anyone having issues with verification I’m getting a verification error on my phone number so I can’t send and receive iMessage.”

Apple doesn’t seem to have ironed out this glitch in time for the public release as users continue to complain about it:

“I’m on IOS 17.0.2 and i am so over it. I can’t message anyone because of this issue.”

How To Fix iMessage Activation An Error Occurred During Activation

Until the problem gets addressed in an upcoming update, here is what you can do about it:

1. Spam It

Some users confirmed that repeating the activation procedure over and over again will eventually pay dividends and the iMessage would activate.

Basically, Try Again until it works! Does it?

2. Reboot iPhone

Another users suggests that restarting the device will do the trick.

Tip: Use the force restart combo for fast results. Try to activate iMessage again after the power cycle!

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi

Someone else mentioned that turning Off WiFi helps.

How to: Swipe-down from the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the Control Center. Switch Off WiFi and try to activate iMessage. Does it work?

4. Cycle iCloud Account

Others inform that you have to sign out of your iCloud account, sign back in and then try to activate iMessage again!

5. Remove Phone Number On All Devices

A high approval rate has been given to the troubleshooting method that requires you to:

  • Update all your devices to the latest OS version.
  • Remove phone number from iMessage on all devices.
  • Try to activate iMessage again.
  • Quote: “If you can get it into the screen which shows your phone number and the iCloud email address as send/receive options, stay on the page and do not let the device time out as you select your phone number. This will only work if the icon on the left continues to spin beside your number. Just make sure your backlight doesn’t time out and you should activate permanently. After that sign in on your other devices.”

    Thanks AjayPYYY for sharing this fix!

Have you managed to fix iMessage Activation iOS 17 error? Did anything from the above help? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Use the comments section!

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