iPadOS 16 On iPad Air 2? 16.3 Release Shows Up In Settings?

ipados 16.3 on ipad air 2

iPadOS 16.3 on iPad Air 2

iPadOS 16.3 update shows up on iPad Air 2, although this model has been labeled, by Apple as not being compatible with iOS 16? Is this a bug or the update really works? Should you update or not?

iPadOS 16 On iPad Air 2?

iPad Air 2 iPadOS 16 not compatible
This unexpected availability has been reported by Dirk (iPad Air 2 model MP2H2NF/A, running iPadOS 15.7):

“I have an iPad Air 2 and since Monday the iPadOS 16.3 version is available for download on it. Restarting my device has no effect and even when the device searches Apple Update again it still shows iPadOS 16.3 as the best available update.”

We currently don’t have an iPad Air 2 model to test it, but would appreciate feedback in the comments to determine if this is an isolated case or a silent iPadOS 16.3 release. Are you seeing it on any other older iPad model that is listed as not supporting iPadOS 16?

iPad Air 2 iPadOS 16.3 Update – Should I Install?

If this is your main device, we recommend you to wait until we have a confirmation of a successful update!

If you afford the luxury to test it out, go ahead and tap Download and Install.

Tip: Before you do it, make sure that you perform an encrypted backup of your iPad using a computer. It will allow you to restore the device in case the update fails or if you’re not happy with your devices’ performance in iPadOS 16.3.

Downgrade iPadOS 16.3

Yes, it will be possible to downgrade iPadOS 16.3 to 15.6 RC if you’re not happy with this latest update.

iPadOS 15.6 RC is still signed and you can follow the steps described here to revert to iPadOS 15 if needed!

Have you installed iPadOS 16.3 on iPad Air 2? What’s your feedback? Is it running smoothly? Share your feedback in the comments.

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