iPadOS 16.3 New Features, Issues, Bug Fixes & New Problems

iPadOS 16.3 update

iPadOS 16.3 update

Apple has released iPadOS 16.3 (20C65) for all compatible iPad models! Check out the new features and improvements as well as bug fixes, ongoing issues and new problems!

iPadOS 16.3 Issues

Before you update you might want to check the problems reported for this version. We’ve tracked them here along with available workarounds:

  • 1. iCloud Drive and Backup turned off and won’t turn On after this update for Terence.
    Fix: Try these troubleshooting options.
  • 2. iPad ear speaker not working after 16.3 update for Georgia.
  • 3. Instagram post story button still not available in 16.3 version for Baraah.
  • 4. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iPadOS 16.3 Features

iPadOS 16.3 release notes
There are only two new features highlighted in the release notes, as you can notice in the above screenshot:

  • 1. Security Keys for Apple ID are now available! They can be used as a two-factor authentication alternative, requiring a physical security key.
    How to: They’re can be added in Settings -> Apple ID -> Password & Security -> Add Security Keys
  • 2. HomePod 2 support has been added in this version to accommodate the new smart speaker unveiled by Apple.
  • Other changes and improvements reported by readers are tracked here:

  • 3. To be updated.

iPadOS 16.3 Bug Fixes

The release notes showcases two issues that have been addressed in this update:

  • 1. Freeform bug that prevents strokes drawn with Apple Pencil or finger to appear on shared boards.
  • 2. Siri not responding properly to music requests has been fixed!
  • However, we expect more problems to have been solved silently. Please report them in the comments and we will update them here:

  • 3. To be updated.
  • Fact: There are several security fixes included with this update. You can review them in Apple’s support document available here.

iPadOS 16.3 Update

iPadOS 16.3 download

  • 1. This release is now available, over-the-air, in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • 2. Tap Download and Install and provide your iPad’s passcode.
  • 3. Be patient while the update is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device.
  • Fact: iPad reboots to mark the end of the update process. Input passcode and enjoy this new version!

Have you installed iPadOS 16.3 on iPad? Do you notice any other changes not mentioned in this article? What about other bugs fixed or new problems? Share your feedback in the comments!

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