iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lens Cracks Easily? (Prevent & Fix!)

iPhone 14 Pro camera lens crack | Source: Reddit

Has your iPhone 14 Pro camera lens cracked? This has happened before and we’re trying to find out if the glass cracks easier than before. The Main and Telephoto lenses seem the most vulnerable to scratching and shattering.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lens Crack

The first incident has been reported by BrandonB:

“Believe it or not i managed to crack the camera lens!!! No applecare+!”

We’ve searched for similar reports and have found one more on Reddit:

“iPhone 14 pro camera lens cracking easily! Literally dropped 8 inches of a table onto a rug and cracked”

iPhone 14 Camera Lens Incidents

If you had a similar unfortunate incident please report it in the comments. We would appreciate if you can describe how it happened and also share a photo of the crack or scratch.

Main Camera Lens

  • 1. Arra informs that the “iPhone 14 pro max bottom lens cracked mysteriously in less than 1 day”.
    iPhone 14 Pro Max camera lens shattered

    iPhone 14 Pro Max camera lens shattered!

  • To be updated!

Telephoto Lens

  • To be updated!

Ultra Wide Lens

  • To be updated!

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lens Crack

Unfortunately, shattered glass can’t be fixed! The lens or the entire camera module has to be replaced.

If you purchased AppleCare+ the fix will cost you an additional $99, as the incident will be labeled as ‘All Other Damage.’ The good news is that AppleCare+ is now covering an unlimited amount of events per year!

applecare+ unlimited incidents in terms

AppleCare+ unlimited incidents in terms.

Tip: If you broke the iPhone 14 camera lens within 60 days of purchase and haven’t opted for AppleCare+, you might be able to still grab it online and then claim the incident. This has been suggested on Reddit, but it’s unsure yet if the trick will work.

Update: A Genius bar employee confirmed that this works!

“I confirm. Just add monthly AppleCare and make a claim.”

How To: To add AppleCare+ to your new iPhone 14 online, tap here (Apple.com direct link)!

Prevent iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lens Cracks

As you might know prevention is better than intervention and much cheaper I would say! That’s why I recommend you to use protective gear on a $1300 device.

Especially, with the iPhone 13 Pro larger camera module, that exposes the lenses even more than before!

1. iPhone 14 Cases With Camera Lips

A case that comes with 2.5mm camera lips will provide basic protection. The lips will absorb the shock and prevent the iPhone 14 camera lens from cracking when hitting a flat surface. We recommend:

Fact: Camera lens will still break if you’re unlucky and the back camera module has a direct impact with a protruding object.

2. iPhone 14 Camera Lens Covers

To make thinks even safer, you can also add camera lens protectors. Some that we recommend are available below:
iphone 14 pro lens protector

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Have you managed to replace iPhone 14 Pro camera lens? How much did it cost? Share your Apple Store experience with us!

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