iPhone 14 Speaker Crackling, Rattling When Volume Is High?

iPhone 14 Pro speaker crackling

iPhone 14 Pro speaker crackling

Is the iPhone 14 speaker crackling during calls? Does ear speaker rattling occur only when Volume levels are high, close to 100%? You’re not sure if this is software or hardware problem? Here’s what you should know!

iPhone 14 Speaker Crackling?

This issue has been reported by Mike on our iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking article:

“I have a problem When I call someone and the speakers are on 100% volume I hear strange noise, like speaker is buzzing like old tv.”

At the time of writing, we couldn’t replicate this issue and also did not find any other complaints on similar websites. However, we did find reports about the same issue for an iPhone 13 Pro Max, on Reddit:

“I bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max about a month a half ago and everything was good until recently. For a week now, the front facing speaker is producing a horrible crackling sound whenever the volume is above 50%.”

Are you also experiencing iPhone 14 ear speaker issues? Please detail them in the comments and help us determine if this is a widespread issue or just a rare occurrence.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Speaker Rattling?

1. Clean Speaker Hole

iphone cleaning kit
The iPhone 14 Pro ear speaker is prone to accumulating dust due to the new Dynamic Island hardware setup. Lint might cause the speakers to clog up and thus create the annoying crackling.

Tip: Clean the front speaker gently with a small brush found in iPhone cleaning kits like this one!

2. Get A Replacement

Unfortunately, with previous iPhone models this behavior proved to be a hardware problem in most cases.

If cleaning the speaker doesn’t help you have to pay a visit to the Apple Store and have your device checked out.

If this proves to be a hardware issue, you will most likely get a replacement unit without too many problems.

Have you managed to fix iPhone 14 Pro speaker crackling? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments!

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