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iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay Issue

iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay Issues? Car Microphone Problems?

Are you encountering iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay issues? Is the car’s microphone not working properly? Mic not picking up your voice loud enough and conversation partner has trouble hearing you? This looks like another day-one iPhone 14 problem!…

iPhone 14 Pro camera lens crack

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lens Cracks Easily? (Prevent & Fix!)

Has your iPhone 14 Pro camera lens cracked? This has happened before and we’re trying to find out if the glass cracks easier than before. The Main and Telephoto lenses seem the most vulnerable to scratching and shattering….

iphone 14 pro speaker crackling

iPhone 14 Speaker Crackling, Rattling When Volume Is High?

Is the iPhone 14 speaker crackling during calls? Does ear speaker rattling occur only when Volume levels are high, close to 100%? You’re not sure if this is software or hardware problem? Here’s what you should know!…

QR code scanner not working in iOS 16

iOS 16 QR Code Not Working On iPhone 14, 13 & More? (Fix!)

Is iOS 16 QR Code scanning not working on iPhone 14? Are you trying to use the stock Camera app to scan a QR code, but the barcode matrix isn’t recognized, or the app is reading wrong values? Other iPhone models could be affected too!…

iPhone 14 pro camera lag

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lag? Slow Loading, Acting Delayed?

Are you experiencing iPhone 14 Pro camera lag? Is the viewfinder loading slow when you open the stock Camera app. Swapping from Photo to Portrait is a couple of seconds delayed? Others are experiencing this too!…