iPhone 14 Pro Screen Crack On Day 1? (Report It Here!)

iPhone 14 Pro screen crack

iPhone 14 Pro screen crack

Believe it or not we already spotted the first photo of an iPhone 14 Pro screen crack on day 1! It’s an iPhone 14 Pro Max unit showing a shattered screen, right on top of the Dynamic Island!

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Crack

The picture shared on Twitter by DuanRui a famous reposter of iPhone and Apple content from Chinese social media:

Image is low quality and it’s unclear if the actual iPhone 14 screen is broken or just an overlaying screen protector.

The fact that the hit is right in the middle of the Dynamic Island, hints that the hit was intentional, doesn’t it?

Is iPhone 14 Pro Screen Crack Resistant?

Apple has marked the ceramic shield display on the iPhone 14 series as very durable and crack resistant and there’s no reason to believe the contrary!

The above damage was most likely intentional, resulting from a crack test, or just a fake crack realized with the help of a screen protector.

iPhone 14 Cracked Screen Reports

  • 1. iPhone 14 Pro screen cracked in the top-right corner. Reported by Chloe 77
    iphone 14 pro cracked screen

    iPhone 14 Pro cracked screen. Source: Twitter

Have you also managed to crack the screen of your brand new iPhone? Use the comments section to share the bad news. Please mention any relevant details.

We appreciate if you can also send a picture with the damage at contact@iphonetricks.org.

Screen Protector: Yes / No?

We’re also curious if you plan to use your bran new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro with a screen protector.

Based on past iPhone and Apple Watch screen experiences, the more durable the glass is the most prone it becomes to scratches.

Yes, we do recommend a screen protector if you have a scratch-phobia. If you don’t mind micro-scratches and care for your iPhone the right way, you can use it without one, as long as you use a case with protruding edges.

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