iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported Error Popup? (Fix?)

iPhone 14 SIM not supported error

iPhone 14 SIM not supported error

iPhone 14 SIM not supported error pops after switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM? Did you swap carriers in the process and are also using a provisioned device? Here is what you have to do!

iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported

This issue has been reported by Leslie:

“SIM not supported error on my new 14 pro. any tips?”

Apparently, this issue has been acknowledged by Apple and is common for US iPhone 14 owners.

That’s because the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models sold in the United States, ship without a SIM tray. This requires all American users that upgrade from an older iPhone model to switch for an eSIM.

The conversion might glitch out when certain triggers are met. For example, when an eSIM from a second carrier is used on an iPhone that’s provisioned from a different operator.

How To Fix iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported

The SIM Not Supported error is displayed when a SIM is used from a different carrier than the one the device was provisioned from.

According to Apple, users affected by this issue should wait a couple of minutes and observe if the popup disappears by itself.

If the error doesn’t vanish and the iPhone 14 freezes you should bring your device to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider and ask for help.

Fact: Of course, this is an annoying fix because Apple Stores can be hundreds of miles away and it takes additional time and money to fix a bricked new iPhone 14 that cost over 4 figures!

Have you managed to find a better solution for the iPhone 14 Pro SIM not supported issue? Share it in the comments please and we will highlight it to everyone else.

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