SIM Card Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15.6 / 15.6.1 (Fix!?)

SIM Card not working on iPhone

SIM Card not working on iPhone

Is the SIM card not working on iPhone after iOS 15.6 update? Are you getting No Service, No SIM, SIM Failure errors? Device isn’t able to dial or receive regular calls and text messages? This looks like a serious issues that’s randomly affecting all iPhone models!

iPhone Not Recognizing SIM Card

No SIM card installed error

No SIM card installed error

We’ve received three distinct complaints about various iPhone models failing to recognize SIM card after the iOS 15.6 update:

  • Andrew (iPhone 6S) was the first to point it out:

    “I have an iPhone 6S.Downloaded IOS 15.6 software update last night and now the phone won’t read the SIM card and I have no service. I swapped SIM cards with another phone and the SIM card is OK. I also checked with my service provider and the account is OK.”

  • SMA (iPhone 11) confirmed the problem:

    “Hi! After updating 15.6, my sim card is not recognised. it’s an iphone 11.”

  • Simon (iPhone 12 Pro) has the same glitch:

    “Hi, Same issue here. Phone won’t read the sim card. I don’t know what to do. Looking for a cheap replacement until Apple sends out an update for this.”

(Updated, August 22)

SIM Card Bricked By iOS 15.6.1 Update?

Apple has released a bug fixing update, a week ago. Unfortunately, iOS 15.6.1 did not solve SIM card issues for iPhones that experienced the problem after the iOS 15.6 update.

Worse, it appears that the same devices are experiencing SIM card problems again. In fact, users report that updating from iOS 15.6 to iOS 15.6.1 has bricked their SIM cards yet again.

Graham reports:

“This has happened twice, different iPhones, different types of SIM and different service providers. So the only common element is the iOS update. Every time this happens I have to pay for a new SIM and wait to get reconnected.”

J confirms:

“iPhone 7 sim card failure after 15.6.1 update. Pulled the card and put it in another unlocked phone and it does not recognize it there either. It looks as if the update bricked the sim card. Waiting on a replacement sim card to arrive.”

Do you experience the same? Please report it in the comments. The more cases we have the faster we can submit feedback and ask Apple to officially address this issue!

How To Fix SIM Card Not Working On iPhone

Based on the troubleshooting feedback that we received from our readers here is what you should try:

1. Restart iPhone

The first thing that you should try is reboot the device. A fresh start could flush minor glitches that prevent the SIM card from being recognized.

Tip: Use the force restart trick to reboot the iPhone quick and easy!

2. Carrier Settings Update?

how to check for carrier update on iphone
Next, check if there’s any update available for carrier settings:

  • Go for Settings -> General -> About
  • If an update is available you will be prompted to update. Go ahead!

3. Reinsert SIM card

how to eject iPhone 12 SIM tray
Remove any physical barriers by ejecting the SIM tray and removing the SIM card. Gently clean both tray and card with a soft cloth, but the SIM back into position and see what happens.

Still getting the No Service error?

More: If you have a secondary smartphone available you can insert your SIM card in it to check it out. Andrew did it and his SIM proved to be OK.

4. Reset Network Settings

Another way to fix SIM Card not working on iPhone is to reset the Network Settings:
reset all settings on iPhone

  • Open Settings and browse for General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Tap Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings.

Fact: Don’t get your hopes too high Simon has reset the Settings without success.

5. Software Update

Apple has released iOS 15.6.1 with bug fixes and security improvements. I recommend you to update and see if iPhone will start to recognize SIM card again.

Confirm: Share in the comments if this issue has been fixed.

6. Reset All Settings

I managed to find an user (iPhone XR) that has complained a couple of months ago about no SIM recognized after iOS 15 update.

He confirms (on Apple’s Discussion Forums) that he managed to fix the issue by resetting iPhone to factory settings.

If you want to apply this go for:
Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

Workaround for SIM Card Not Recognized

A good way to bypass the No SIM or SIM Failure issues after iOS 15.6 update is to contact your carrier and ask them to switch you on an eSIM plan.

This way you won’t need your iPhone to recognize the physical SIM anymore.

Credits: Thanks to Lisa and Tena for confirming this workaround.

Extra Tip: You should also contact your carrier an inquire about this issue. Simon says that he was instructed to wait for Apple to release an update, which could hint that the carrier is aware of the issue.

What about your carrier did they provide any useful info?

Have you managed to fix SIM card not recognized on iPhone in iOS 15.6? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments and share your feedback.

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