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iphone 14 camera focus not working

Camera Not Focusing iOS 16 Issue? iPhone 14, 13, 12? Fix?

iPhone camera not focusing after iOS 16 update? Issue occurs when trying to capture close range subjects? Camera is out of focus when opened via third-party apps? Encountering focus issues even for mid and long range subjects? You’re not alone….

iphone 14 pink screen

iPhone 14 Pink Screen Issue? Software Or Hardware Problem?

Are you experiencing the iPhone 14 pink screen issue? Has the display partially or fully turned pink after iOS 16.1 update? You’re not sure if this is a software or a hardware problem? Here is what you can do….

iphone 14 pro gap between frame and screen

iPhone 14 Gap Between Frame And Screen (How To Fix!)

iPhone 14 shipped with a slight gap between the frame and screen? Are you able to see the device’s internals if you carefully inspect the device? You’re not the only one and this problem isn’t new either!…

iPhone 14 SIM not supported error

iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported Error Popup? (Fix?)

iPhone 14 SIM not supported error pops after switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM? Did you swap carriers in the process and are also using a provisioned device? Here is what you have to do!…

iphone 14 attempting data recovery

iPhone 14 Pro Attempting Data Recovery During iOS 16 Update?

Is your iPhone 14 Pro attempting data recovery during iOS 16 update? Screen turns white and a black Apple logo with a progress bar is displayed? Don’t panic! Be patient and allow the process to complete. It’s successful most of the time!…