iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattles When Shaking Device? Normal?

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattle

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattle when shaking.

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattles when you shake the device? Are you hearing a loud noise from the back camera module when you gently pad the phone on the back? It’s most likely coming from the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) system.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattle

This strange noise has been reported by conrad55:

“I’m hearing a rattling when i shake my iPhone 14 Pro Max or when I gently tap it on the table. Is this normal?”

The sound is made by the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max OIS system. However, the strange thing is that only some units are clicking while others won’t. We’ve found several reports on Reddit:

  • 1 (iPhone 14 Pro Max):

    “Camera rattle when putting the phone down”

  • 2 (iPhone 14 Pro):

    “Camera rattle when setting phone down, anyone else? Happens with and without case.”

  • 3 (iPhone 14 Pro) :

    “Camera rattle or is it normal for an iPhone to sound like that when set down on any surface.”

How to Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattle

Users that have contacted Apple support confirmed that they’ve been informed that the iPhone 14 camera rattling behavior is normal.

Nevertheless, it’s strange why some units click and the other’s won’t.

It might be related to the state of the OIS. If you’re experiencing the same please share your feedback in the comments. Let us know if you depict a pattern or a trigger for the rattling.

The iPhone 14 camera should definitely not rattle when it’s in use. But how soon does it start click afterwards? As soon as you turn off the camera?

Fact: Users also experience iPhone 14 Pro camera clicking when using Instagram. Are you also getting it too? Is the OIS rattling both with Instagram and when you shake the device and Camera is not in use.

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