iPhone 6 Case With Extra Antenna For Your Device

iphone 6 antenna case

iPhone 6 Revolutionary Antenna Case.

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada. A particular release has just caught my eye. Developers from Antenna79 claim to have engineered some revolutionary iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases that come with a built-in antenna.

The Californian developer promises that its case significantly enhances your smartphone’s signal and brings with it a series of benefits that enhance your iPhone’s performance.

Reach79 is the name of this new premium case that claims to increase your device’s coverage, prolong battery life, boost your Internet downloads and last but not least offer military grade drop protection.

reach79 case detailed viewReach79 Antenna Case Info
If you take a look at the nearby image you can have a better idea of how this revolutionary iPhone 6 case looks like.
It comes with a high-impact protective layer on the outside. In the middle it contains a micro-thin layer of gold, which includes the additional antenna.
This case protects your iOS device’s back, corner and sides.

Reach79 iPhone 6 Benefits
reach79 red iphone 6 caseBecause this case improves your smartphone’s signal strength, a series of improvements become noticeable. First of all, you should experience a considerable lower amount of dropped calls when using your iPhone in low area signals. Secondly, because reception is improved, your iOS device won’t burn as much battery to search for signal, leading to increased battery lifetime. Third, better carrier signal means faster Internet download speeds. On top of all this you have a reinforced iPhone with the military grade drop protection.

Reach79 Purchase and Delivery
reach79 case front view If you wish to improve your iPhone and even double its strength, you have to be ready to spend $59.99 for the iPhone 6 and $69.99 in case you own an iPhone 6 Plus. Reach79 pre-orders are already available and shipping starts on January 19.
Only the black color can be purchased now, but other shades will become available soon.
We do plan to test it as soon as available.
Results will be updated soon. Be sure to check back!