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Apple Music black background

Apple Music Black Background? Why? How To Undo!

Getting Apple Music black background for any song played in the app? Suddenly all Apple Music wallpapers are black and you’re looking for a way to fix it? Or, the contrary, you want to enable black backgrounds in AM? Here is how to!…

black wallpaper issue iOS 16

Wallpaper Turns Black On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fixed?)

Wallpaper turns black on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Both Lock Screen and Home Screen backgrounds unexpectedly go black even after the iOS 16.1 release? Apps continue to show up normally but the predefined wallpaper is missing?…

iphone 7 protruding rear camera leak

iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Reveal Unaesthetic Protruding Camera

The more closer we get to the official iPhone 7 release date the more clearer it becomes that the upcoming Apple flagship won’t revolutionize the smartphone world, at least not design-wise. The rumors that claim that the upcoming iOS 10 powered device will look almost identical with its predecessors, the iPhone 6 and 6S, are…