Wallpaper Not Showing On iPhone Lock Screen? (iOS 17 Fix!)

wallpaper missing on iphone ios 17

Wallpaper missing on iPhone in iOS 17

Stock wallpaper not showing on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Old wallpapers not available in the gallery? Both Home and Lock Screen are missing the wallpaper photo and show a black screen instead?

Wallpaper Not Showing On iPhone?

This issue has been recently reported by Mario:

“Just installed ios17 public beta and the stock wallpaper isn’t showing in the wallpaper gallery. am i missing something?”

We couldn’t replicate it but have found similar reports on Reddit:
“I don’t have the main new iOS 17 wallpaper and I’ve tried everything including a full reset settings.”

How To Fix Wallpaper Not Showing iOS 17 Issue

In these early days the switch from iOS 16 to the 17 beta causes for some users the disappearance of one or more wallpapers from their iPhone’s collection.

These are the confirmed fixes that will help you to get them back:

Change Region

change region on iphone in ios 17

  • 1. Open Settings and go for General -> Language & Region.
  • 2. Tap on Region and change it. Confirm the change.

    Fact: Setting Region… is displayed on the screen for a couple of seconds.

  • 3. Tap Region again and change it back to the original setting!
  • 4. Go back to Settings -> Wallpaper -> Add New Wallpaper and the old backgrounds should show up, including the stock iOS 17 wallpaper.

2. Add New Lock Screen

Another workaround requires you to use the above Add New Wallpaper option to reconfigure your wallpaper, especially if you’re using one of your own pictures.

Just make sure that you still have the image available in the Photos app|

iPhone Black Wallpaper Issue

black wallpaper error ios 16
Users have experienced both Home and Lock Screen turn black in the past too, after updating to iOS 16. The redesigned Lock Screen was the cause for it!

Practically the device can’t load the image that was previously configured as background and displays and black screen instead.

This issue was widespread and we’ve provided a series of fixes including a video tutorial in this article!

Have you managed to fix wallpaper not showing on iPhone in iOS 17? Do you have a better fix or some other problem to report? Use the comments!

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