iPhone Replacement Battery Stuck At 100% Battery Health?

iPhone 8 displaying 100% Battery Health

iPhone 8 displaying 100% Battery Health.

Have you replaced the battery of your iPhone a while ago and the new one seems stuck at 100% Battery Health? Don’t worry we do have an explanation for this anomaly. The “issue” usually occurs when the replacement battery is higher in capacity than the original one. iOS knows that the iPhone 8, for example, has a maximum capacity 1821 mAH when it’s brand new. As you wear it down, the energy storage power decreases. This is highlighted by the Battery Health indicator, found in the iOS Settings.

If the battery capacity decreases below 80%, from its original status, it will stop supporting your iPhone’s Peak Performance capabilities and you might have to throttle-down the processing power of your device, to avoid unexpected shutdowns. This is when many users decide to replace the battery with a new one, or just upgrade for a new iPhone model. In normal circumstances an iPhone should be able to last two years, until the battery reaches the 80% level.

Two years is a long time, consider the speed of how technology progresses nowadays. If you decide to replace your battery at a third-party repair service, you might get one with higher power storing capabilities, simply because of the technological progress that allows higher capacity batteries in the same size. For example, if you replace your iPhone 8 battery now, an aftermarket repair shop might provide one with more than 2000 mAH capacity. In this case, until the replacement battery wears out to levels below the stock 1821 mAH, your iPhone will continue to display the 100% Battery Health status even if the replacement was done a long time ago.

Many think that there’s a glitch and that the iPhone isn’t able to perform correct Battery Health readings anymore. Some blame battery replacements done at non-authorized Apple repair shop. However, that shouldn’t be the case. To be sure, you can inquire the repair shop and ask about the capacity of the replacement battery that your iPhone got. If they confirm levels higher than the official ones, the case is closed. Below, you can find a list with the stock battery capacity of all iPhones that can display Battery Health readings!

iPhone Battery Capacity Comparison
iPhone 5 – 1440 mAH
iPhone 5C – 1507 mAH
iPhone 5s – 1570 mAH
iPhone 6 – 1810 mAH
iPhone 6 Plus – 2915 mAH
iPhone 6s – 1715 mAH
iPhone 6s Plus – 2915 mAH
iPhone SE – 1624 mAH
iPhone 7 – 1960 mAH
iPhone 7 Plus – 2900 mAH
iPhone 8 – 1821 mAH
iPhone 8 Plus – 2675 mAH
iPhone X – 2716 mAH
iPhone XS – 2658 mAH
iPhone XS Max – 3174 mAH
iPhone XR – 2942 mAH
iPhone 11 – 3110 mAH
iPhone 11 Pro – 3046 mAH
iPhone 11 Pro Max – 3969 mAH
iPhone SE (2nd-gen)- 1821 mAH

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