iPhone Voice Dictation Commands and Punctuation

iOS 7 Voice Dictation Preview

iOS 7 Voice Dictation Preview.

Whenever you wish to write text using your iPhone’s keyboard input, you can opt for the iPhone dictation feature, use your voice and let your Apple device spell the words for you.

Once you get accustomed with this type of verbal input you’ll find Voice Dictation very efficient and handy to use. The only possible downside is that you need to be in a somewhat quiet environment as too much background noise could alter Siri’s accuracy.

How To Enable Voice Dictation
This feature can be used only when Siri is enabled on your iOS device. You need to visit Settings -> General -> Siri and enable it by tapping the nearby on/off switch. After activating Siri on your iPhone, a small microphone button will appear on the left side of your keyboard. Voice dictation is available to input:
– text for messaging like iMessage, SMS or others.
– post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites
– whenever keyboard input is required.

iphone voice dictation microphone

Voice Dictation Microphone.

How To Use
Simply tap the above mentioned microphone and speak out the desired input.
iOS 7 will convert your voice to text!
The great thing about voice command is that you can also dictate punctuation and additional commands. This way your text will be ready to use as soon as you finish dictating.
In most cases, no additional edits are needed.
Tap “Done” after you finish dictating and your spoken text will be written.

Voice Dictation Tricks and Tips
For optimal speech recognition please:
– Speak loud and clear.
– Don’t rush. If you speak rare errors are very rare.
– Avoid background noise.
– Use punctuation like: Period, Comma, Exclamation point and others (see below).
– Use text fitting commands like: New line, New paragraph, Caps on and many more (see below).

Punctuation and Commands
Below you can find an extended list of punctuation and commands that iPhone’s voice recognition software can detect and apply.

Command Result
Period (Full stop) .
Comma ,
Exclamation point !
Question mark ?
Colon :
Semi-colon ;
Dash (Hyphen)
Forward slash /
Equal sign =
Dollar sign $
Euro sign
Percent sign %
Registered sign ®
Copyright sign ©
Trademark sign
Ampersand &
Smiley :-)
Command Result
Open quote
Close quote
Open / Close paranthesis ( / )
Open / Close brackets [ / ]
Open / Close curly bracket { / }
New line new line is created
New paragraph new paragraph is created
Space bar space
No space no space between input
No space on no space between all input
No space off no space deactivated
Caps on upcoming letter with caps
Caps off upcoming letter without caps
All caps on all new letters with caps
All caps off caps lock deactivated
No caps on no caps in entire text
No caps off no caps deactivated

iPhone Voice Dictation Demo
Watch this video and you will get the best example on how to use the iOS voice dictation tool.
The text in the video was spelled as follows:

Hi Mii(long “i”)ka [Exclamation point] [New line] Are you still testing that new game [question mark] [New line] Phone me please [Comma] when you are [All caps on] ready [Exclamation point] [Smiley]