iPhone 5s Control Center Review

iOS 7 Control Center Preview

iOS 7 Control Center Preview.

iOS 7 comes with a great new slide-in menu called Control Center.
It’s practically a quick access portal to frequently used iPhone settings and apps, including Brightness settings, one-tap Music playing, enable/disable Flashlight feature and much more.
Control Center can be displayed on any screen, with a simple upward swipe from the bottom area of your iPhone’s screen.
A layer with shortcuts to the most common settings and apps will slide on your screen, enabling you easy access from any home screen, app or game.
Control Center Features
Analyzing this shortcut menu from top to bottom reveals that you can:
– Enable/disable: Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Screen-Orientation Lock (if enabled your iPhone won’t switch between landscape and portrait modes anymore)
– Manually adjust Screen Brightness
– Play, pause, or stop music; Skip a track; Check song length and playback progress.
– Enhance or diminish Playback volume.
– Enable AirDrop and/or AirPlay
– Access shortcuts for frequently used apps like: Flashlight, Timer (Clock), Calculator, Camera.

Control Center Customization
This quick access menu can be customized via Settings -> Control Center. However, you’ll notice that settings are quite limited. Control Center is active by default on any iPhone running iOS 7 or later. You can only disable it’s access on the “Lock Screen” and/or from “Within Apps”. This means that you can make it available only from a “Home Screen” when the above two settings aren’t active.
Further customization of the Control Center can be achieved only if you Jailbreak your iPhone and use the FlipControlCenter tweak or any similar jailbreak specific features that will allow you to switch between available shortcuts.

Control Center Trick
Via this menu it’s easiest and quickest to toggle Airplane Mode and then immediately enable Wi-Fi to continue to be able to browse the web and remain online, although your iPhone won’t use cellular or data connection anymore. The same trick is applying for the Bluetooth connection.

Closing Control Center
You can close this iOS quick access menu in three different modes:
1. Swipe back in the opposite direction.
2. Tap the top of the Control Center display.
3. Press the Home button.

iPhone Control Center Demo
A demo that shows how this features works on an iPhone 5s running iOS 7 is available below.