iPhone X Now Available For Next Day Delivery Or Same Day Pickup

iPhone X next-day availability.

iPhone X next-day availability.

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is now available for next-day delivery and even same day in store pickup for United States and United Kingdom Customers. This means that if you order the iPhone X today, no later than 3pm, you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep by tomorrow. This availability improvement lands in nicely just ahead of the Holiday season, for all Apple fans that have been planning to adopt the new Home button-less iPhone, but have been reluctant to do so because of the long waiting times.

It’s not sure yet if demand for the iPhone X has strongly decreased, or if Apple managed to ramp up production and be able to catch up with the demand. I tend to believe that’s a combination of the two factors that has resulted in a balance between offer and demand, that eliminates waiting time. Short supply issues still continue on other markets but waiting times have improved worldwide.

Info: In the United States, the unlocked SIM-free option of the 64GB Silver iPhone X is still requiring between 2 and 4 days to ship. Nevertheless, if you order it now, it will still be delivered in time for Christmas! All other models are available for next-day delivery and can be purchased from Apple.com.

Fact: The longest wait time for an iPhone X was registered just after the pre-orders stage when around 3 million units have been sold out within minutes and one had to wait between 5 and 6 weeks to get their hands on an edge-to-edge iPhone!

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