MacBook Pro M1 Wallpapers (Light And Dark) For Any Device

MacBook Pro M1 wallpaper

MacBook Pro M1 wallpaper

The new MacBook Pro M1 have been unveiled today alongside a brand new set of wallpapers. As always you must be eager to try them out. Apple has highlighted two MacBook Pro M1 wallpapers: Light and Dark theme as seen in the screenshots uploaded nearby!

Download MacBook Pro M1 Wallpapers

All that you have to do is right-click or long-press the chosen wallpaper and save the image on your computer. Some devices will provide the “Use image as Desktop picture” option without having to download the file first.

MacBook Pro M1 Max Wallpaper Red

MacBook Pro m1 wallpaper red

MacBook Pro M1 Pro Wallpaper Blue

MacBook Pro m1 wallpaper blue

MacBook Pro M1 Wallpapers Dark


MacBook Pro M1 dark blue wallpaper


MacBook Pro M1 Pro dark red wallpaper

MacBook Pro M1 Wallpapers 4K

Not getting the new MacBook Pro M1 wallpapers in 4k resolution from the images provided above? Here is a direct download link (Google Drive).

2021 MacBook Pro M1 Wallpaper 4K

MacBook Pro m1 wallpaper 4k

2021 MacBook Pro M1 Wallpaper High Resolution

MacBook Pro M1 wallpaper high resolution

Do you like the new M1 MacBook Pro wallpaper? Are you using it as background on your own computer? Do you plan to upgrade to Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max silicone chip notebooks? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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