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MacBook Pro SD card reader not working

MacBook Pro SD Card Reader Not Working Properly? (Fix!?)

MacBook Pro SD Card reader not working? Is the card slot not reading some or all your Secure Digital memory cards? You’re not the only one! Apparently, this is a common problem for the M1 Pro and M1 Max Apple notebooks!…

MacBook Pro M1 Max webcam blurry

2021 MacBook M1 Pro Webcam Blurry? (Low Quality Image)

Are you experiencing MacBook M1 Pro webcam issues? Are the images provided by the new 1080P camera low quality? They look blurry or oil painted? You’re not satisfied by the webcam quality of your brand new $3000+ Apple notebook?…

MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube playback

MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube 4K HDR Video Playback

Is your brand new MacBook Pro crashing when playing YouTube videos? Are you playing 4K HDR video content on your M1 Pro or M1 Max powered computer and the device unexpectedly reboots after exiting fullscreen mode?…

MacBook Pro Display backlight not working

2021 MacBook Pro Display Backlight Issue (Hardware Or Bug?)

Is your brand new MacBook Pro experiencing display backlight issues? Is the display not working, screen not lighting up anymore? Do you have to close and open the display to turn the backlight On?…

menu items from displaying under Macbook Notch

How To Prevent Menu Bar Items From Hiding Under MacBook Notch

Are you looking for a way to prevent menu bar items from hiding under MacBook notch? Apple has issued a new support document that explains how to block the space behind the camera housing on the new MacBook Pro M1 models! This is done with the help of a ‘Scale to fit’ setting….